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              Your current location:Home - Introduction
              Shengzhou pudi refrigeration electrical equipment Co.,LTD. Is located in shengahou northern development zone, it enjoys convenient transport and elegant environment. 1 kilometer from shengzhou exit of shangshan.expressway (from shangyu to sanmen) and about 80 kilometers from Hangzhou, Ningbo international airport. our company is specialized in manufacturing pudixing series refrigeration equipment. For a long tiome, We rely on the progress of science and technology, actively pushing forward advanced modern quality manangement, dedicated to science and technology development, Our products are sold to all over China,which has gained high prize from our customers.
              Our main products are:pudixing series semi-hermetic and fully hermetic refrigerating compressor unit, various air cooled condenser, air cooler,computer control box and air conditioner accessories, etc. To produce high quality products, toprovide fine after-sale service and to establish good reputation is always our purpose.Wehave passed ISO9001-2008 international quality management system, and got the National License of the refrigeration industrial products.
              the company all along persisted"strives for the survival by the quality,to the prestige strives for the development" company spirit,taking science and technology as driving power, taking customer demands as principle, constant innovation, provide newer and better products to our consumers.
              We have estabished product examination center,it can test the performance of many thinghs,such as wind cooling,water-cooling machine set,air-cooled condenser,air cooler,etc.We have high speed precision press,digital control straightener and expanding bend equipment,to ensure advanced production technology,stable and reliable product quality.
                DD-type series air cooler
                DL-type series air cooler
                DJ-type series air cooler
                Water defrost series air cooled condenser
                Consde series air cooled condenser
                DE-type air cooled for small-sized fefrigerator
                New and high efficient double output air cooler
                New and high efficient commercial air cooler
                Semi-hermetic air cooled condenser
                New FNV-type cabinet style wind coling machine set cabinet
                FNH-type air cooled condenser
                FNV-type air cooled condenser
                Semi-hermetic compressor condensing unit
                Bitxer Semi-hermetic compressor condensing unit
                Parallel compressor series
              Copyright 2011 Shengzhou Pudi Refigeration Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. All right reserved. 
              Tel:086-575-83183951  Fax:086-575-83107886  E-mail:pudi@zjpudi.com  浙ICP備12026729號